℅ Truninger Plot24 AG

The new company Truninger-Plot24 AG, resulting from the integration process of Truninger AG, founded in 1926, and Plot24 AG, founded in 2000, started its operational activities on January 1, 2020.

Truninger-Plot24 AG is the leading provider of cloud, plot and print solutions for the exchange of information in real estate projects, consisting of internet-based software, full support, print and print services. Rental equipment and outsourcing services for printing operations on your premises, as well as numerous additional services, are rounded off by comprehensive advice and strong support. We employ around 120 people at 11 locations in German- and French-speaking Switzerland.

Thanks to the competence of our employees, close cooperation with customers and the use of the latest technologies, we are able to meet all customer requirements in the shortest possible time to mutual satisfaction.

We provide the highest quality of service based on the competence and professional approach of our employees.

Thanks to our size, excellent technical and technological equipment, we are able to handle large volumes of work efficiently and at competitive prices.


Our mission is to provide our customers with all the necessary services and products, as well as comprehensive solutions that facilitate the entire process of their business, from the beginning of the project to its completion. We are the bridge that connects planners and developers with builders and total contractors. Meeting our customers’ expectations motivates us to constantly research their needs, follow trends, acquire new knowledge and implement new technologies.


Through continuous improvement of the production process, development and application of technological innovations, we remain leaders in the reprographics industry.

Our focus on developing and implementing innovative solutions sets us apart and makes us synonymous with business excellence.

Our values

The employees of Truninger-Plot24 AG share our values, which form the basis of our business principles. Our core values reflect what is really important to us as an organization.

Excellence and innovation

We strive for excellence in all areas of business by setting standards based on professional knowledge and innovation. This helps us to exceed our customers’ expectations. We set high goals and inspire our customers with unsurpassed performance, which we achieve with dedication and speed.

Efficiency and profitability

Innovative and creative solutions alone are not enough if they are not efficient and fast. The old adage is “time is money.” We absolutely respect our clients’ time and provide our services within the agreed time. We always strive to do what we do in the best, most efficient way and in the shortest amount of time.

Respect, trust and integrity

In our work, we are guided by ethical principles, which we promote in all the companies we work with. We build long-term relationships with our customers based on trust, mutual respect and appreciation. We respect the agreements made and stand by our word. Our relationship with our customers is more than just a business relationship. Our goal is to understand people, not just their business. We build long-term relationships based on mutual respect and trust. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with services and products that exceed their expectations. Your recognition is our most valuable reward.

Open communication and transparency

Strong and long-term relationships we build with customers are based on the culture of open communication we foster. We present information responsibly and transparently and find solutions. We want our customers to know and understand our processes because we realize that by working well together we can achieve the best result.

Quality as top priority

Our goal is to ensure the maximum quality of each service we provide, so that our customers are 100% satisfied with the service provided. We always try to be one step ahead and listen to the needs and requirements of our customers. Through continuous improvement and introduction of new services and solutions, we qualitatively develop the relationships with our partners.

Team spirit

We have built open and healthy relationships among employees to improve collaboration and achieve better results. We believe that team results are always better than individual results. Open communication and constructive dialog are essential. We are convinced that the key to success lies in satisfied employees. We achieve our common goals through good cooperation, active employee development and the exchange of opinions and experiences.

Customer focus

All our activities are always aimed at meeting our customers’ expectations. In this way, we preserve existing customer relationships and build new and lasting connections, which we have set as one of the most important goals.

Social responsibility

As part of society, Truninger-Plot24 is aware of the importance and significance of improving social conditions, promoting true values and contributing a share of profits to the social community.
Part of our company philosophy has always been corporate responsibility towards society, the environment and our employees and their safety and health at work.

Employee support

We believe that a successful company consists of satisfied employees at all levels. A successful company can only function in an atmosphere of respect, cooperation, openness, honesty, security and equality. Of utmost importance is respect for personality, different opinions, the work of each individual, and all differences.
We are particularly proud of our team, which consists of people from 18 countries, different nations and origins. We strive to provide our employees with a healthy and inspiring work environment, to promote the development of their potential and to improve their knowledge and skills.

Through team building activities, we want to enable employees to get to know each other, improve mutual communication, cooperation and relationships within teams and divisions. We create a pleasant atmosphere for all employees and help them to better understand our company and its goals. Truninger-Plot24 attaches great importance to creating a safe working environment for its employees in all areas. Working conditions are continuously reviewed and great importance is attached to the safety of our employees.

Support Special Olympics

Impairment as a sociological phenomenon causes many barriers as well as a certain degree of social exclusion of people with different types of impairments. We recognize the importance of this issue, because the full economic and social participation of people with impairments is crucial to their quality of life. That is why we are very pleased to have supported the Special Olympics Switzerland as a benefactor for several years. Special Olympics attaches great importance to being close to the grassroots in order to promote sports for children, young people and adults with impairments in all regions of Switzerland.

Sponsorship Zurich Zoo

We see it as our responsibility to do our part to protect the environment and wildlife. With our donation, we support the Zurich Zoo in enabling its animals to be kept in a manner appropriate to their species. After many years of partnership, we therefore entered into a sponsorship with Zurich Zoo in 2014 and became the proud godparents of the baby elephant Omysha.

Our team

Behind every success of the company are employees. Every day, they help the company they work for to move forward and achieve its goals. Get to know the team that makes Truninger-Plot24 AG successful.