Project room

Are you looking for a central solution for plans, documents and models of any kind?

Use our well-structured project space for filing, processing and distributing your data. Share your data with your project stakeholders simply and easily. You can easily upload and manage your documents and plans using drag-and-drop.

Individualize their workspace and home page according to their needs.
This way you have a quick and easy overview of your projects with our project space.

Project room with plot service

Do you need documents or plans in physical form?

You can easily commission this with our project room. Place print orders directly from the project room at Truninger – Plot24 AG at any time. This saves you a lot of time and you only have one contact person for the entire project.

Construction management / protocol management

Do you have defect management under control at all times?

With our construction/protocol management module, you have everything centralized and visible. Every construction project needs good and clear management. The larger the project, the more difficult it is to control. Our construction management module is the optimal solution for keeping track of construction projects – from a clear address list to simple defect management.

Automatic versioning and notification

Do you always have the latest plan version with you on the construction site?

With our QR code solution, we enable you to check for currency on any printed or downloaded document, anytime, anywhere.

See at a glance if you have the most recent document. For existing files, you can add a note to the new version, giving a reason for the update, for example.

BIM Server

You want to view and exchange BIM data directly online?

Use our BIM server for the exchange of IFC+BFC files as well as for the display of the model directly on the platform. Our BIM server supports you in merging and versioning the specialist models and simplifies the processing of variants.
With seamless integration into the project space, it boosts your workflow.

BIM Server, BIM Management


Do you want to make adjustments to plans directly online?

Using our redlining feature, you and your team can markup documents or objects and automatically track all comments. The comprehensive redlining function is realized via different layers in each document or object.

Mobile project room

You want to have access to your data always and everywhere?

You can access your project space from any device. Plans and documents can be made available offline, so you can easily access your records even when reception is poor. Sending internal and external links directly from the project room additionally allows access to the plans and documents from different people at any time.

Workflow / Categorization

Do you want releases of plans and data to follow your process?

Define your workflow by having plans approved directly in the Project Space. These are automatically visible to all project participants after approval. Afterwards, everyone can use the plans or send them directly to print.

Also categorize your files according to given keys automatically.


Optimise processes and simplify collaboration for successful construction projects with the UhuCloud, we actively support you in this.


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