construction management

This cloud module helps you with the execution of your projects: address lists, pending issues, management orders, defects, acceptance reports, construction journals and file notes are recorded and coordinated centrally using the mobile app.

With our construction management software, you have all project defects under control. All without cumbersome Excel lists and annoying post-processing. With the construction management software, you record defects and pending items on your mobile device directly on site. With digital defect recording, you access all plans within the project structure, set a plan marker to match the pending item to define the exact location, and assign it (with photos, images, and documents) to a contractor / person. Whether in the construction phase or during acceptance directly with acceptance protocol SIA 118: Our software for defect management saves time and nerves.

Log management

The Log app lets you create logs quickly and easily. Prepare meetings in no time with agenda templates that can be customized to your office standards. By connecting to other applications such as Outlook, you can easily merge your attendee list and record who is present, absent, on the distribution list or in the chair. Concentrate on writing your text, add files and images and enjoy the automatically generated protocol with pending and resolution lists – of course in your company layout.


Optimise processes and simplify collaboration for successful construction projects with the UhuCloud, we actively support you in this.


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