Central storage and division of plans and documents

The project room is available for the exchange of all project information, which documents the project independently of BIM. The system is currently in use 1000 times and forms the foundation of cloud-based info management.

In the project space you can create individual workstations and start pages.
Here you can quickly and easily get an overview of the Project Space.
You have immediate access to files that help you use the Project Space. You can go directly to the most important folders in the structure and also get a list of unread messages.  What new files or folders have been added they also see at a glance.
Share your plans and documents in all formats with your project participants. Create your desired folder structures and set arbitrary read and write permissions. Upload new plans and documents quickly and easily using drag & drop.

Automatic versioning and notification

The system immediately determines whether the upload is a new file or an existing one. In the case of an existing file, you can add a change note to the new index, for example, stating a reason for the update. Older indexes of plans and documents can be downloaded at any time if needed. When a file is uploaded, all project participants who have read access to the file are automatically notified.

Versioning is also the basis for using the QR code.
The QR code can be used for imprinting in print jobs or for file exchange. A comprehensive QR code solution is now available in the project room, which does not
just a simple link with red and green. The status of a document can be communicated via various methods. In addition to the classic application of copies on the construction site, the solution can also be used in planning in the office or on the road.

Mobile project room

You can access your project room from any device. Plans and documents can be made available offline, so that you can easily access your documents via a favorites portlet even if reception is poor. Sending internal and external links directly from the project room additionally allows access to the plans and documents at any time.

Project room with plot service

Place print orders directly from the project room at Truninger-Plot24 at any time.

Truninger-Plot24 is a full-service provider: The focus of our product strategy is on strong core products that are convincing in terms of quality and price. In addition, we offer comprehensive supplementary products, which you can add modularly to round off the core product. Just tell us what you want the products to do and we’ll show you how to do it. Our consulting and expertise will save you time-consuming clarifications and ease the burden of implementation.

Numerous additional services round off our range. It is our ambition to make your life a little easier. Our employees tailor their actions to your specific situation, be it in relation to the project, your company or simply your personal requirements for a job.


Optimise processes and simplify collaboration for successful construction projects with the UhuCloud, we actively support you in this.


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